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“As intention is everything, this is mine: I’m here to do my best to help you heal, grow and learn about the universe you are living in and to realize your own true self.”   — Birkan Tore
Birkan Tore
Intuitive Coach
Spiritual Teacher

Birkan Tore is an internationally-recognized intuitive coach and spiritual teacher. He's also a regular TV personality, including his successful TV show in Sweden, Räddad av Änglar (Saved by the Angels) and, the author of Rise and Shine: A Spiritual Wake-up Call for Sleeping Beauties. Birkan uses his natural abilities to make the most celestial things something we can all easily relate to. In his practice, he predominantly works with the Angelic Realm in order to help people unite with their angels and discover their connection to their Source. His natural and down-to-earth teaching abilities help people understand even the most otherworldly terms and experiences. With deep caring, ease and grace, he lovingly guides his students through his courses and readings, giving them the tools they need to help and ultimately heal many.


Birkan began studying ancient spiritual practices of divination and healing starting at an early age. His natural craving for spiritual teachings opened a door to the ideas and philosophies of many different cultures and religions including the ancient Oracle practices of Anatolian and Mediterranean societies. Birkan Tore is the originator of Atlantean Healing™ modality.


Birkan currently lives in Hawaii and teaches and works online with students from around the globe.

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