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Devas and the Elemental Kingdom
Archived Recording


Our world is interwoven and connected with several realms, and over the years the veil between the worlds has been getting thinner and thinner. What’s commonly known as the “Elemental Kingdom” is a vast frequency and plane of existence that’s shared by countless Devas—beings of light—all at various levels of spiritual development and responsibilities. We are already familiar with the most evolved beings of Light we know as, Angels. 


During this nearly 4 hour (3h:57min) online workshop, Birkan Tore will share tips and valuable information that can help you recognize and communicate with various Devas and non-physical beings in a safe manner. Clarity and guidance can help us let go of fear. We are already living side-by-side with them, and their functions are essential to the well-being of the planet. Your increased awareness of them would indeed enrich your experience of life, knowing that you are not alone.


There are beings who reside and oversee various kingdoms such as the oceans, forests and lands—but also an aspect of human existence such as our thoughts and emotions. We already interact with them and even get influenced by them without our conscious realization. It’s time to change that.


Some of the beings you will learn about may be tiny, yet their impact is a lot larger than their size. Others are bigger than mountains they oversee. Each with their own unique personalities and missions. Trees, rocks and all that surrounds you are not as alone or deserted as our physical eyes would have us believe. 


In various cultures around the world we come across writings and stories of fairies, gnomes, unicorns, dragons, and many more. Some are more local to the region and rarely learned about outside the area they live in. In both ancient and modern spiritual works we are also introduced to the elementals of water, earth, fire and air but in a somewhat limited, compartmentalized manner. Such elements and parts of nature that are formed by them like rivers, oceans, forests and deserts, are home to a wide variety of Devas we may yet not be aware of. 


Birkan’s intention isn’t so much to teach you “how” to work with them in terms of asking their help and putting their magic into action, but help you become “aware” of them so you can start building bridges and cultivating new relationships. You’ll also learn energetic and spiritual ways on how you can assist Devas and give back to them instead of only asking for their help. 


You’ll experience brief meditations connecting with the wisest and most loving ambassadors of various light-beings, as well—from soul healing presence of the unicorns to psychic amplifiers or the waters. 


It’s true that having friends in high places helps, and we love our Angels and Ascended Masters! You can also benefit from having friends in nature, and they can benefit from your love and support as well. During this course you’ll also find that not all nature spirits are looking forward to making friends with humans and how you might change that at certain times and places.


The class will also cover “human-made” thought and emotion-based elementals and the natural ones that are attracted to the energy of our thoughts and emotions. Most importantly, how such relationships and connections may show up in our lives. 


You’ll see that there’s a wide spectrum of spirits, and we are all at different levels of our spiritual evolution yet not entirely disconnected. The class might be particularly helpful for those who feel a close kinship with fae and nature, as well as those who are attracted to different aspects of nature like the oceans or mountains. 


We hope you’ll join us for this joyous exploration of beings of the oceans, air, land, fire, and more! From the legendary mermaids, to the spirits of the land you live on, there’s much we need to talk about and hopefully you will leave with a new or elevated view of our non-physical neighbors. 


Although we won’t have time to study each group separately in depth, our hope is that this class will be the beginning of a journey or discovery for you that you can continue on your own by practicing the tips and techniques shared in the class, and with further study.


A recording of the class will be available to you, as well as in case you cannot make it to the live event or would like to watch it again. 


You can now purchase the recording of the online workshop and stream it on your computer or mobile device using the same Paypal button on the side. You will receive the access link via email with 48 hours of purchase.

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