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Discovering the Unseen World
with Birkan Tore
Archived Recording 


This class is intended to give you a peek into the unseen world—the world of energy that we live in and interact with. You probably have heard the saying, “everything is energy,” and now you can find out about what that means and how we can live in this world of energy consciously. We interact with unseen energies on a daily basis, yet when we gain more awareness and knowledge, we wouldn’t only be influenced by these energies, but also influence them and use our knowledge to improve our lives.

As a lifelong intuitive, mystic and a very experienced energy healer, Birkan will share his knowledge, visions and understanding of the astral realm, inner-worlds and energetic aspect our physical realm. 


Some of the topics he will cover during this class are:

  • Aura and its Colors

  • Portals

  • Psychic Imprints 

  • Energy Hygiene 

  • Energy of Thoughts and Emotions

  • Astral Realm

  • Nature and Energy

  • Angels & Invisible Helpers


Birkan hopes to not only introduce you to some new concepts and perspectives, but also help you gain a deeper understanding of the ones you might have read about previously; such as the energy of your home, aura and chakras.

You can purchase the recording via the PayPal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. Please give us 48 hours to process your order and get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at

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