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Wednesday April 22nd at 2pm EST

Wednesday April 29th at 2pm EST

Wednesday May 6th at 2pm EST

Wednesday May 13th at 2pm EST

Wednesday May 20th at 2pm EST

Wednesday May 27th at 2pm EST

This 6-week training has been designed and inspired for empaths who have been struggling with their empathy—to not only find a way to balance it, but take it several steps beyond and actively use it to better their lives and the lives of others. 


This training will require active, in-class video participation, as you’ll be interacting with Birkan, and at times each other as well. The recordings will be available only to students who register before the course begins, and will not be available for download or purchase later. If the idea of being on video with others sounds intimidating, please fear not! It means you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people, unified in the goal to help each other get stronger and take a journey of empowerment as a team. Since these will be online classes from your own home, please feel free to attend in your comfiest clothes! We’ll discuss what kind of snacks can be included. Yes you’ll be able to enjoy your tea and a fruit plate while taking a workshop!


We will cherish and nourish your sensitivity, and focusing on further strengthening you and saying further because you already are strong. Maybe you just need to tap into that inner-strength or maybe you have and ready for more. Birkan will teach various spiritual and energetic methods of doing exactly that and more. 


What might feel like a confusing and overwhelming sense can be a huge advantage in your relationship and communications with others. 


Birkan has been an empath and an extremely sensitive individual who has suffered, at times even disabled, by his senses. He ultimately learned how to be more in control of this sense and benefit from it rather than suffering. He’ll be the first to tell you, though, that there’s no such thing as 100% control unless one reaches what can be called sainthood! What is possible is to minimize the challenges while maximizing benefits. Now, his more-controlled sensitivity has helped him train tens of thousands of people through his individual and group sessions. 


While this class is not considered “practitioner” training (which may be offered in the future for the graduates of this class) you will, indeed, learn some of the techniques a professional intuitive would be using in their practice. If you’re already a practicing psychic, coach or intuitive advisor of any kind, you’ll be able to integrate the tips from this training into your practice. 


If you have the ability to experience the emotions of humanity, why only get stuck on the painful ones? It’s time you learn how to adjust the volume of your empathy up and down, and even change the channel when needed! 


Empathy, when functioning at a high level, can arm an individual with deeper insight and greater advantage—using it to improve their communications, relationships, work and overall success. We will work with an honor-code and attendees will be expected to use what’s being taught with integrity and honor. Power always comes with responsibility and empathy is a great power.


It’s important that the students are willing to change and see themselves in a new light. We’ll be shedding our old stories and create a brand new one. 


We’re keeping the group small so, over the course of 6 weeks, Birkan can get to know you, your individual challenges and at times directly share the guidance he receives. This will be the perfect venue for asking questions, as it’s possible that there’ll be more people in class who have the same question or issue. 


We would recommend choosing a preferred notebook for this training to capture your progress/development, your meditations, practice sessions and to use as a reference in the future. 


One of the most important aspects of becoming an empathy intuitive is the process of getting to know yourself so you can separate what is you and what isn’t. This means you’ll need to be willing to engage in self-reflection, as well as to be honest with yourself during the training. Of course, this will be the personal aspect of your training and your private journey that you do not have to share with others.


We will not be starting a Facebook group or Instagram page for the attendees because Birkan prefers to encourage you to spend less time on social media and more time in self-care, study and re-entry to Earth life as an empowered empath. 


This is a very much “minds-on” kind of training with a lot of practice. We will sometimes repeat the same exercise several times until you get comfortable using it so that can repeat the experience by yourself outside the virtual classroom.


Each lesson will also include a brief energy-clearing session, during which time you’ll learn more about why Birkan does this during the course and practice methods to clear your own energy and how to maintain it as well. 


You’ll be learning how to “read” places, individuals, communications and even large areas on a vibrational level and discover why clairvoyance alone is not enough for an accurate intuitive perception of the world. The ability to sense and know are gifts. Being able to do so without being “contaminated” or “overwhelmed” is a blessing. 


  • How to read FOR people—which is a different skill than reading them.

  • Psychic Protection

  • Increasing and decreasing volume of your intuition.

  • Turning empathy on and off at will in times of need. 

  • How to consciously direct intuition to targeted areas, events, memories and people.

  • Switching frequencies.

  • Honing into an individual within a crowd.

  • Practicing empathy with non-physical beings.

  • Empathy as a form of communication.

  • And more....


We’ve been receiving so many requests on this topic and thrilled to be finally answering them with this training. This new series of dates has been added for those that missed the first training sessions.

You can reserve and make your payment via the Paypal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. Please give us 48 hours to process your registration and get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible.The only exception is the same day registrations with the class. You can still register up to 1 hour before the class. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at

Fee:  $244

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