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Fae and Elemental Readings

Elemental and Fae Readings:

These readings are born out of your questions following the “Devas and The Elemental Kingdom” workshop and created in order to help you find answers regarding your personal connections, allies and guidance with and from The Elemental Kingdom. 


A session could address;

  • Exploration of Fey Past-Lives or incarnations where you had connections with Fey.

  • Fey ancestry.

  • Discovering possible Fae and Elemental Spirit Guides and their messages.

  • Seeking guidance from specific Elemental Beings.

  • Messages from the spirits of your land.

  • Discovering possible Elemental Allies and Realms you may be naturally attuned to


And more... depending on your questions and guidance that will be brought through.


In addition to the guidance and information he’ll directly intuit and receive from his Guides and Angels. He’ll also bring in and choose specific Elemental themed Oracle Decks that resonate with your energy frequency as well.


You can choose to have a 15 or 30 min reading from a special discounted rate as these readings will not be available to the public.  

You can book your session by clicking on the PayPal button (on the left) and within 2 working days you will receive an email from my office to set up an appointment for our sessions. 



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