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Group Mentorship Program for Healers

Offering this program and journey has been a long time dream of mine. I’ve been practicing various forms of energy and spiritual healing for over 20 years now, including founding my very own, which has not stopped me from continuing to study and appreciate each healing art either.


I’ve trained numerous practitioners from different walks of life and cultures—both in intuitive arts and energy work. I also got to work and collaborate with some amazing teachers and practitioners. Despite all the differences in techniques and beliefs, I came to formulate some core principles that can help any energy worker and spiritual practitioners who’s called to heal—whether to heal themselves, others or, ideally, both!


  • Role of intuition in energy work

  • Energy Hygiene

  • Role of Unseen Helpers

  • Understanding Universal and Spiritual Laws

  • Balancing love and kindness with detachment

  • Wise use of one’s own energy

  • Self-care

  • Multi-dimensionality of Life

  • Journey of the Soul 


These are only a few mutual topics of many I’ll be addressing in this program that I believe healers of various paths can benefit from. Suggestions and techniques I’ll be teaching have been tried and tested not only by myself, but my students as well. And, I’ll be offering different perspectives along the way so you can follow what resonates with you!


A few of the goals of this program is to protect the energy worker from exhaustion, contamination, confusion and even mismanagement of time and miscommunications. I want to see you all thrive in your unique practices and be the best energy healer/practitioner you can be. 


In spiritual healing and energy work, nuances matter. Words matter (and can even heal!). One-size-fits-all formulas rarely help. I’ve seen so many great healers stop because of exhaustion, or by taking on energies that weren’t beneficial to them. Others were lacking confidence due to results they were getting, not because of their lack of skill, but often lack of knowledge or techniques that could help them truly see their skills in action.


This is also a journey of self-discovery so you can find out what kind of spiritual practitioner you really are as opposed to what you’re being told to be. I will be sharing techniques I’ve developed, channeled, and also been taught to share with others over the years to help you improve your practice, energy level, clarity and intuition.


Even though intuition is not the main topic as it is with my 1-1 mentorship program, we’ll work on improving yours because I find it to be a key component in becoming a successful spiritual practitioner in healing arts. 


At this stage, due to the curriculum of this program, it will only be offered to certain groups of people who already have taken my classes, or have attended or graduated from my “Personal Mentorship Program in Intuitive Arts.” Registration will also be open to Access365 members who have been attending my weekly classes on Patreon over this past year, as they’ve received a strong foundation that will help them dive right into this group mentorship program. While in the future I’m looking forward to more practitioner classes and mentorship programs that will be open to all regardless of their level and previous study, this program will have advance techniques and tips that would only be helpful if one has already experienced or have been studying with me already. This will help us maximize the use of our time together and address as many of their needs and questions with their path and practice. 


Over the years I’ve seen what a difference words in an invocation can make in a session as well as the steps taken before and after the session that make a huge different in the practitioners qualify of life.


Some of the lessons I’ll be sharing were learned through my own experiences and even struggles with health and energy so, hopefully, you can avoid some of those experiences yourself.


We will also address:

  • Key tips and techniques for working with groups

  • Healing a space or a specific environment

  • Dream-work 

  • Crystals as allies and tools


And many other fascinating (and fun!) spiritual topics I feel can help you on your path. 


I will also be sharing special attunements and facilitate group energy work as well. These attunements are channeled to improve your access to your unseen helpers, intuition, access to various healing and cleansing energies. The group energy work will be more focused on clearing, and addressing various potential blockages you might be perceiving and/or experiencing.


You will also get the opportunity to practice with each other and observe some of the techniques I work with. Just like in many of my other classes, I’ll be observing your energy fields and give you tips as well.


Students of the group mentorship program will also be given access to 1-1 session energy assessment and mentorship sessions during the program that they can schedule for a special rate that’ll be for our students only. This, however, is not required and only offered as an option for if and when any of the students would like to consult with me 1-1. 


Together we’ll also review various cases, work as a group and form a spiritual lab for you to “stretch” your spiritual “muscles” in a safe and loving environment.


Each class will be recorded for times you may not be able to join live. We do, however, strongly recommend attending at least 70% of the classes live to make the most of this experience. This will allow you to ask your questions, share experiences and also give and receive support to and from your fellow students. 


This program is made up of ten 90-minute sessions, and is not focused on your performance, but well-being instead.


Thursday, January 21st at 2pm EST

Thursday, February 4th at 2pm EST

Thursday, February 18th at 2pm EST

Thursday ,March 4th at 2pm EST

Thursday, March 18th at 2pm EST

Thursday, April 1st at 2pm EST

Thursday, April 15th at 2pm EST

Thursday, April 21st at 2pm EST

Thursday, May 13th at 2pm EST

Thursday, May 27th at 2pm EST


 Please keep an eye out for my online webinars and upcoming online practitioner trainings as well since many of them are going to open for everyone!

You can reserve and make your payment via the Paypal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at

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