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Heal Your Intuition
Jan. 10 at  3pm EST
Jan. 14 at  2pm EST
Jan. 22 at  2pm EST
Jan. 27 at  11am EST


These group sessions have been specifically created for people who’d like to heal and develop their intuition, including those who already use their intuition, like—psychics, mediums, intuitive coaches, healers and anyone who works with their intuition—professionally or as a part of their spiritual practice.

Both psychic and mediumistic work can be taxing physically and energetically. Birkan has encountered numerous intuitives whose energy bodies and chakras needed intensive healing as a result of their work.

On the other hand, people who are just starting to develop their intuition might feel as if they’re not growing fast enough if their energy bodies and chakras are in need of help and healing. Past fears and personal issues can easily slow down their growth as well.

Sometimes, it’s exhaustion, working too much and forgetting to recharge, clear or heal energetically. Other times it’s the specific techniques used that might be too taxing for the chakras or energy bodies (usually the astral body). When interacting with inner-worlds and opening to beyond the physical reality, energetic hygiene and protection plays an important role. However, it’s also very easy to get carried away with the joy of helping others and not realize how our energy is being affected and depleted.

We believe energy healing should be a part of every intuitive’s self-care routine, simply for “energetic maintenance.,” whether practiced as self-healing, or by partnering up with an energy healer.

Another reason to sign up for these sessions would be boosting one’s intuitive abilities and sharpening your overall clarity.

It’s not uncommon for professional intuitives to experience: fatigue, frequent headaches (more specifically the ones that show up after giving readings or teaching), sudden weight gain, bloating, insomnia or extreme sleepiness during work days. These are only a few of the common signs of a need for healing and recovery.

One of the other symptoms of need for energetic recovery and recharging is a sudden drop in one’s clarity or abilities. While it can be scary, it can be remedied as soon as the causes are identified and addressed.

People in helping professions tend to have more energetic cords and connections as well. Energetic transference/contamination is a very real possibility. These sessions will reveal various tips to avoid it in your spiritual practice.

The sessions will be live-only and will not be recorded. If you sign up but cannot join the call live, email us your picture and Birkan will include you as well.

You can reserve and make your payment via the Paypal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. Please give us 48 hours to process your registration and get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at



Zoom Online 

Jan. 10 at  3pm EST

Jan. 14 at  2pm EST

Jan. 22 at  2pm EST

Jan. 27 at  11am EST

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