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Intuition Intensive Workshop Home Study DVD Set


6 DVD set (10 hours) High Definition Class Experience In The Comfort of Your Own Home

Intuition Intensive is a 3-day training that will help you tap into yourintuition, recognize how it manifests and learn to bring a basic structureto how you connect with your intuition and how you use it. Whether you areplanning to be a full-time intuitive practitioner or would like to use yourintuition as a part of your daily life, this class can offer a bridgebetween you and your intuition. This DVD course has been professionallyrecorded in HD during an Intuition Intensive class in order to give you anactual workshop experience you can have in the comfort of your own home.


You can use this class in preparation to one of Birkan’s practitioner classes or as a stand-alone course in order to understand and improve your intuition. During the class with humor and his unique teaching style Birkan ”breaks down” intuition into an easy to understand grasp concept. You can also share this experience at home with your friend(s) and practice together.


Some of the topics that are covered within this course are:

  • Addressing and releasing fears (EFT exercise)

  • Clarifying ‘clairs’

  • Training ”The Puppy”: How to control your intuition

  • Predictions and precognition

  • Learning to ‘read’ intuitively (pictures, people, locations)

  • Using intuition in decision making

  • Intuition in business matters

  • Tools of the ‘trade’: oracle cards





During these 10-hours Birkan will be teaching various techniques of working with your intuition that he uses as a professional intuitive counselor. You can apply these powerful techniques to gain insight for your lives or in order to bring guidance to those who are around you.


The course is not all work though and Birkan has some sections where you will get to ‘play’, too! Keep your phone nearby and friends ready if you’d like to practice on them as you watch the DVD’s or better yet invite them over! Originally this was filmed during a 3 day course. You can choose to spread it over two weekends or take it with your own pace: one of the advantages of a home-study course.


In addition to the course, Birkan will hold a LIVE free of charge teleconference for the students of the Intuition Intensive Homestudy Course so you can ask your questions regarding the class and even get mini-readings from Birkan. The date of the live Q&A session will be emailed to the students of the course and will be added on the schedule as well.




Price:  150€

Format: PAL – It’s suitable for entire Europe and currently many modern DVD players in North America, yet it’s originally a coding for Europe. Either way they can be viewed on a computer regardless of the location.



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