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Oracle Card Readings DVD Workshop


1 DVD (2.5 hours) High Definition Class Experience In The Comfort of Your Own Home


During the Oracle Cards Reading Workshop Birkan will teach you his method of giving accurate intuitive readings to yourself and others using oracle cards. The class will also focus on helping you recognize how your intuition interprets messages and cards. You will be learning different ‘spreads’ for different subjects and questions. During the class Birkan will also share ‘tips’ that he has learned over the years that help  giving readings easier for the readers. This DVD course had been professionally recorded in HD during an actual Oracle Card Readings Workshop in order to give you an actual class experience that you can have in the comfort of your own home.


You will be learning about spiritual principles what makes gaining insight with a deck of cards possible, various ‘spreads’ such as 3-Card, 5-Card and 7-Card readings. Birkan will simplify and demystify the cartomancy so this wonderful method is accesible to everyone who’s willing to work with their intuition in order to gain insight into their lives or help others with their intuition. Once these principles explained and you learn how to intuitively ‘read’ cards, you can apply them to working with any oracle deck and not only ”Birkan’s Deck of Intuitive Answers.”


During the class, like the students in the class, you can use Birkan’s deck or another deck of oracle cards you feel comfortable working with. You can also share this experience at home with your friend(s) and practice together.



Price:  44€

Format: PAL – It’s suitable for entire Europe and currently many modern DVD players in North America, yet it’s originally a coding for Europe. Either way they can be viewed on a computer regardless of the location.



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