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A special note from Birkan:











"As a student of intuition who wanted to become a full-time lightworker, I’ve dealt with many personal insecurities, fears, challenges and a ton of confusion. Despite my naturally predominant intuition and psychic skills, understanding or using them wasn’t always easy. I often wished there was a mentor or teacher I could have turned to, or personally talked with in order to receive help in overcoming my challenges. Unfortunately, I rarely got the opportunity to do this in my life, but now that I have been on that journey, I want to be able to provide this type of support to my students.


Whenever I show up to one of my mentorship sessions with a photograph, case or assignment, my purpose won’t be in testing you or giving you a grade. This program is created to help you see what you can achieve and break your preconceived limits regarding what you can and cannot do.


During our first mentorship session we will set clear goals, and I will be helping you release your fears, insecurities and perceived roadblocks with the help of methods such as Past Life Healing, Positive Affirmations, Energy Healing and, of course, Angelic Assistance.


I will also guide you in creating your business and brand, as well as help you improve your already existing spiritually based career in what I call a ‘karmically kosher’ way.


In order to give my full attention to each student, I will only accept 10 students during each term so I can best focus on your personal challenges while helping you find your way of working as an intuitive practitioner. This way, I will also be more readily available to you via email and Skype for answering your questions and supporting you throughout the mentorship program.


I am looking forward to working with you!"

Here are a few testimonials from Birkan’s previous mentorship students:



“One of my best decisions in life, is that I signed up for Birkan’s Mentorship program! Without him, I had never taken me, to where I am today. Being punched outside my comfort zone was exactly what I needed and he was there by my side every step of the way with encouragement, structure and so much love. Thank you Birkan for believing in me!


With Love,

Kikki Meyer  (




“The mentor programme helped me develop my skills and gave me the courage to walk my path with determination and clearness. Birkan is an excellent teacher, he is very knowledgable, at the same time considerate. I am very excited about what the future holds.”


Carina Berglund (




"I highly recommend Birkan´s personal mentorship program. As a teacher Birkan is fun and loving. He shares his own life story to help his students on there life path.  This class will improve your life in general and help you find your own solutions to your problems. The excicises are fun and help you get the tools to become a better psychic medium. "







”The Mentorship Program have been The Best journey for me! Now I can believe in my self as a Angel Medium and Healer. Next step will be to become a teacher my self. I have learn so much from Birkan Tore. He have confirmed my gifts and been a really compassionate and kind teacher and i can really recommend his mentorship program! For me it has been a half year of blessed joy.



Monica Bobert (


Personal Mentorship Program

This is an individualized curriculum and exclusive education program for those who would like to work with intuition professionally as an intuitive coach, healer, psychic and/or medium. Only 10 students will be accepted each term but enrollment will remain open for any following semesters/terms. Birkan Tore has been mentoring individuals over the course of many years to help them develop their intuition and become successful within a spiritually based career.  


Many of the graduates of this program have already increased their accuracy level, built a substantial spiritually based career, increased their client base, as well as presided over sold-out events. This came through the combination of realizing their true potential, learning how to work with it, and letting go of individual fears and pitfalls.


While taking classes and reading books on the subject of intuition can definitely help an individual recognise and improve their intuition, there can be special circumstances, conditions and concerns that require more individualized attention in order to help the student experience and use their intuition to its fullest potential. Some of these concerns can be addressed in a classroom environment, yet we know that hearing the answer or a rational explanation does not always make a challenge ‘go away.’ The student might need to heal a personal issue, a past trauma, uncover a root-cause or release negative belief patterns that may be holding them back. Since these matters can be unique and private in nature, it might be a challenge to succeed when it comes to healing them in a group environment. Therefore, these one-on-one mentorship sessions are key.


Birkan also believes that intuition has a unique language for each individual and learning the vocabulary of your intuition is essential in order to understand and interpret what you intuitively receive for yourself and others. Throughout this course, this will be one of the main goals to accomplish before the end of the 4-month term. You will be doing specific exercises that will trigger your intuition to give similar answers to different cases where similar topics come up. An example would be learning what is your intuition’s way of saying, ”Yes” or ”No.” Another simple example could be recognising your intuition’s way of telling you whether the outcome of a situation will be negative or positive.


This program can be very beneficial for those who are avid students of the subject of intuition, practice regularly, yet seem to be stuck or feel like they are not able to overcome a barrier that keeps them from experiencing their intuition to its fullest capacity. 


You can also benefit from this course if you are already a practicing intuitive as a professional psychic or medium and feel like you can do more but you just don’t know how. Based on your current knowledge and experience level, you'll be also presented with more advanced tips and techniques to take your intuitive practice to the next level.


The curriculum is highly individualised for each student based on the student’s goals, challenges, talents and soul purpose. It will be molded based on the  conversations between the student, Birkan and Divine Guidance. Naturally, when the student succeeds in releasing fears and insecurities, goals may change during the course of the term. This is exactly why there will be no hard and fast rules regarding which subjects are included in the program. The only common subject to be mastered will be intuition. Yet, based on the student’s chosen career and mission, this can be more focused on psychic abilities, mediumship, healing and/or coaching.


After years of study of intuitive arts, many students end up with more questions than they started with. We also know that it isn’t always easy to find the answers in books or find an opportunity to ask them during a course.


The program is also open for professional intuitives who are comfortable with their level of intuition yet would like to develop their business and brand further and become successful entrepreneurs, authors and teachers in the area of intuition. Birkan will introduce you to spiritual methods that can help you heal and grow your business. You will still receive the assignments where you will be presented with clients and cases where you will get to use your intuition but if you are comfortable with your level of intuition, taking these assignments shouldn’t be a challenge, right?


Yes, there are assignments and homework. You will be given these assignments via email and your personal 45 minutes Skype sessions with Birkan. The results and feedback regarding your completion of the assignment will be also discussed via email or Skype depending on the particular assignment and its time frame.  


You will be also encouraged to practice in real life with your friends or clients, as well as build cases to be discussed during your mentorship sessions. This is one of the reasons why this program was created... So you have someone to turn to when you feel like you are failing or coming up short.


Birkan’s style of teaching is humorous and compassionate. This is not a ‘bootcamp.’ However, you will be expected to study, practice, and read the recommended teaching material during the 4 month time frame.


There will be a required reading list yet you can also opt for an audio version of the same book when available. You will be meeting twice a month with Birkan over Skype (unless planned otherwise due to your individual curriculum-for lessons and coaching sessions). During the term you will also have a direct email correspondence with Birkan for sending and receiving your questions and assignments. The email communications and sessions are not for private readings but for learning, coaching and healing purposes only. Of course, Birkan will be sharing intuitive insights and messages with you regarding your personal and emotional conditions and even family affairs as long as it is connected to your personal development as an intuitive. We just want to clarify that this is not a ‘package deal’ for ‘all-you-can-have’ readings for 4 months.


During each term, only 10 students will be accepted. 

Students will receive a  a continued discount of 25% for personal intuitive coaching sessions after the graduation until 2021 so they can keep in touch for personal support and supervision whenever needed.


If you would like to attend this course please send your application letter to:
Include why you would like to join the program, your previous qualifications and training, as well as your formal education and a clear face picture.


Before applying, please consider that this program will take more time than the emails and Skype sessions you will have with Birkan since you will be asked to read books, articles, listen to specific podcasts (which can be integrated to your everyday life) and practice meditation and intuitive readings. If you believe you have simply a few questions, one or two personal challenges or a specific area you would like to develop, we would recommend booking a package of intuitive coaching sessions as opposed to the entire program.


Once the term is full, we will not be taking any more applications for the current session. All applications will be considered rationally and intuitively by Birkan, under Divine Guidance. If you are not able to make it to one of the terms or the program, trust that it will be because this program isn’t right for you at this time, or because the term is already full.


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