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Prosperity Recharge
Group Sessions

Our Annual Prosperity Recharge group event is back!! 

This year we will not only work on healing relationship with the relationship with wealth and money but also energetically charge ourselves up with prosperity, wealth, and abundance light codes.

We've noticed that for lightworkers and spiritual practitioners money tends to be a big topic - and the more you let go of the limiting energies and the charge around money the better it is for all of us - since you are the way showers. 
While money and material needs may sound far from the realms of energy or spirituality, our relationship with and experience of money has strong energetic roots. Everything is energy! There are of course emotional and physical factors to our finances, too. We can’t just take care of the energy and hope for the best.

Many people work hard, take the right physical actions and even do the emotional work to address their beliefs regarding money yet they are not able to attract money or when they do attract it - to hold on to it. Eventually it turns into a challenging relationship where money’s being chased and eventually caught for only brief periods of time. 

The Prosperity Group Sessions will be working on that energetic level: clearing energetic blockages by removing those obstructing energies, clearing cords, healing your relationship with money and infusing you and your life with the prosperity energy so you’re an energetic match and will attract money more easily into your life. 

During the sessions Birkan will be working with Archangels, Ascended Masters and his team of Light Beings to transmit prosperity, wealth and abundance light codes to help reprogram your energy and mindset in these areas of your life. 

Each session will also include clearing of both generational and personal negative thought forms about money, prosperity or abundance.

We’d highly recommend you to join multiple groups as the sessions will build upon each other.  If you can't join live - no worries - you'll still receive the healing and light codes.


Zoom Online 

  • Session 1: Saturday November 14th at 2pm EST 

  • Session 2: Saturday November 21st at 2pm EST 

  • Session 3: Wednesday December 2nd at 2pm EST 

  • Session 4: Friday December 4th at 2pm EST 

You can reserve and make your payment via the Paypal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. Please give us 48 hours to process your registration and get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at

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