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Psychic Cleansing Group Sessions
One date remains:
Nov. 26 at 11am EST


Birkan was strongly guided to set up multiple Psychic Cleansing Group Sessions in order to ensure that people from different time zones will get a chance to attend. We’ve observed that the energy has been quite intense lately, and we’ve been clearing our spaces and energy much more frequently.


Why carry a heavy energetic load when most of it may not even be yours? During the Psychic Cleansing Group Sessions, Birkan will go through the energy bodies (aura,) chakras as well as some of the lesser known energy centers, and remove lower energies, psychic attacks, “astral wildlife” and negativity from your system with the help of Archangels, Ascended Masters and his guides. He will also share tips for maintaining your clarity.


While a group session isn’t a replacement for an individual session, it’s still an effective and practical way of getting cleared. You can join multiple group sessions as well.


These groups will be conducted in live-format only, and will not (and cannot) be recorded. If you sign up but are not able to join live, please send us your first name, and a digital photograph of yourself, and Birkan will include you as part of the session. Each group will be limited to 25 participants.

You can reserve and make your payment via the Paypal button on the left, and upon receiving your payment our office will confirm your registration via email. Please give us 48 hours to process your registration and get back to you. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email Megan Michaels at



Zoom Online 

November 13 at 2:00pm EST

November 19 at 11:00am EST

November 21 at 01:00pm EST

November 26th at 11:00am EST

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