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Spiritual Evolution Readings
with Birkan Tore

This specific reading theme came to me while I was in deep meditation. It was definitely a lightbulb moment! The journey of spiritual evolution and development is truly unique for each Soul. While there are some universal teachings, techniques, and tips we are being taught along the way, we will, from time-to-time, need more help along the way.


I'm talking about the kind of guidance that is unique to who we are and where we are in life at that time. I know that not everyone has the luxury of having a mentor or teacher they can turn to whenever they feel the need. I know this because I didn't have one myself for the longest time. Sometimes, the answers and guidance we seek is right in front of us, staring at us in the third-eye. But, based on our energetic and emotional condition, we may not be able to see it. 


Other times, we make our life and journey more difficult than it needs to be by trying to follow complex and complicated formulas when there are much easier solutions. We do this because we fear taking a shortcut and accidentally bypassing something important, which is a completely valid concern. Once again, this is where intuitive and divine guidance come handy. 


As always during a reading, I will be working with my Angels, Guides, and Teachers, as well as your Higher-Self, AND Spiritual Team to receive guidance for the next steps of your spiritual journey and development. I will also be intuitively reading your chakras, aura and entire energy system in order to give you a ''psychic snapshot'' of your energetic and spiritual condition at the time of the reading. If necessary, I'll be recommending specific techniques, crystals, tools, and various other solutions to improve your spiritual well-being. 


Spiritual Evolution Reading can be beneficial to anyone who desires to grow, evolve, and develop their spiritual abilities—reaching their highest potential, regardless of where they are at their journey.


If you're at the beginning of your journey, this session could help you find out more about your spiritual gifts, energetic condition and provide you with direction regarding next steps and topics that would help you with your ascension and growth process. 


If you're an experienced student or teacher of spirituality, the guidance you receive can help you go even further. Especially if you feel that you or your development has plateaued and seems to not be going anywhere or improving.


The issues that need to be addressed, Soul Contracts, Soul Lessons, energetic and spiritual concerns will of course be different for each person depending on where they are on their journey at the time.


Even though I will be happily providing you with a clairvoyant and intuitive description of your current spiritual state, you can also ask questions about your energy, abilities, and/or any blockages or issues you might be experiencing. 


However, I'd like to be clear that during this particular type of reading I will NOT be addressing romance, career, or any question or issues that aren't directly connected with your spiritual development. These areas of your life might naturally come up IF they're indeed related to your current energetic and spiritual condition. 


How I prepare for each type of session and the guides I work with are often specific to the nature of that session, whether it's an energy healing session, intuitive reading, mentorship, or in this case, your spiritual development.


During a Spiritual Evolution Reading, you CAN find out about:

  • Your Chakras

  • Your Aura

  • Karma

  • Past Lives

  • Soul Contracts

  • Spiritual Abilities

  • Crystal Allies

  • Energetic and Spiritual Blockages

  • Soul Lessons and Themes

  • Your Spiritual Team (Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters)

  • Specific spiritual Tools and Subjects beneficial to your Soul's Chart


And anything and everything that will come through Divine Guidance...


Spiritual Evolution Reading can be conducted as a 30 or 45-minute session. If you'd like me to tune-in to give you an intuitive update and overview of your energetic and spiritual condition, as well as receive guidance regarding the next steps of your development, a 30-minute session should be sufficient. I'd recommend a 45-minute session if you also have several questions you'd like us to tune-in to and address, as well as everything that would be included in the 30-minute option. 


These sessions are also great for getting more in-depth information about your chakras, their condition and needs, as well as observing different layers of your energy body (aura) to see the thoughts, emotions, and energies you have at the time, as well as their effects on your spiritual development.


I will be also offering these sessions at a special rate for a limited time! You can choose the duration of your reading and book it by using the PayPal button (on the left). We will be contacting you to schedule your session within two work days.


The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and in video format only. You will be provided with a web link that will take you to our call. If you have any further questions, please email us at

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